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Gifts in a Jar Ideas, Recipes & FREE eBook! is your free resource for making awesome gifts in a jar! If you're looking for Gifts in a Jar Ideas or Gifts in a Jar Recipes, you're at the right place.

Yes, free! This professionally published book is only available at See the eBook Description or go the Download page for the Free Gifts in a Jar eBook.

BE SURE to also look around the web site too, because you'll find other gifts in a jar ideas and someadditional recipes for making the ultimiate gift in a jar right on this site which aren' in the ebook.

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About the ebook...You'll get a HUGE free gifts in a jar ebook (in other words, a book which you download onto your computer) free of charge! The publisher is allowing us to give this book away to our visitors for a limited time only. So be sure to grab your free gifts in a jar ebook while its still available (no strings attached), then you can also browse the pages of this site for gift in a jar recipes, ideas, tips. The book is different from what you find on this site, so you'll want to browse this site AND get the free ebook as well.

See the eBook Description or go the Download page for the Free Gifts in a Jar eBook right now, then be sure to browse the rest of this site.

Why 'Gifts in a Jar' Make Fabulous Gifts

With the help of this website, and the free gifts in a jar book (eBook) you can download here, you'll discover tons of ways to create impressive, delectable Gourmet Jar Gifts - just like the kind sold by pricey gourmet specialty food shops!

But when you make them yourself, fabulous and creative gourmet gifts cost just fractions of what those stores are charging. In fact, often homemade jar gifts can cost as little as pennies per gift - yet when created with style (we'll show you how!) they convey a gourmet, high-end impression that makes recipients feel pampered and fussed over.

We'll show you how to create wonderful homemade gifts in a jar that will really make an impression. If you download the free gifts in a jar ebook, you'll get even more ideas, completely free.

The jar gift ideas on this web site (and the many more in the free gifts in a jar ebook you can download here) are easy to make - anyone can do it with our incredible selection of easy-to-follow recipes and simple step-by-step instructions.

But the lucky recipients of your hand made gifts will never know how easy it was, because these types of homemade gifts - when done with class and style (and we'll show you exactly how to add class and style to your homemade jar gifts) automatically imply that you put a lot of time, effort, care and personalized attention into them.

With this website and the free gifts in a jar ebook we offer (yes, free!) you'll find it SO easy, so fast, and so inexpensive to rustle up gifts that really pack the WOW FACTOR.

Creating your own gifts in a jar is a lot of fun, and very satisfying - especially when you see how impressed and delighted the recipients are when they receive them.

There's something very cozy and comforting about homemade gifts straight from your kitchen - gifts you carefully put together with your own two hands. People feel all warm and fuzzy when they receive a jar gift of something yummy to eat, packed with care, beautifully presented - and dripping with creativity. Gifts from your kitchen will warm the hearts of the lucky people on your gift list - and impress them with your domestic talent (even if you don't think you have any!).

If you're the creative and crafty type, you'll be inspired and delighted by the endless Jar Gift ideas and recipes we've packed into this enormous collection. You'll have so much fun putting these jar gifts together for friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, teachers - anyone on your gift list.

But if you're not creative and crafty, you're in for a treat, because fabulous gifts in a jar are actually simple to create with our huge collection of ideas and "recipes" we offer on this site (plus others in the free eBook you can download here (yes, free!).

With most gifts in a jar, there is no cooking or baking involved for the gift giver (that's all part of the fun for the recipient, when its required at all!). Just gather up the ingredients, measure them out to the quantity specified, and place into the jar in the order stated in the instructions and Voila! You've instantly created a stunning gourmet jar gift in no time at all, with next to no expense. With our massive collection of gifts in a jar ideas and recipes, coming up with gifts is fast, easy, very inexpensive - and a lot of fun. Plus, we show you fabulous ways to dress up your jar gifts to make them gorgeous, stunning, classy and stylish - oozing with impeccable taste.

Aside from the free ideas and recipes you find on this site, be sure to download the free gifts in a jar ebook we are giving away here free (for a limited time only). It features exclusive one-of-a-kind Gift Jar Recipes you won't find ANYWHERE else, as well as classic favorites.

Gifts in a jar are perfect as hostess gifts, tokens of appreciation, Christmas gifts, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, take away gifts for dinner parties, housewarming gifts, gifts to welcome new neighbors, friendship gifts, going away gifts, teachers gifts, gifts or prizes for fundraiser raffles or Chinese auctions - you name it! They are so completely versatile.

Jar gifts are ideal for those hard-to-shop-for people - the kind of folks who already have everything, or the ones who don't want anymore knick-knacks or clutter clogging up their homes. A jar gift will be used and enjoyed by everyone - in fact, it will even make them feel a little pampered.

Gifts in a jar are also perfect for those unexpected last-minute-gift situations that inevitably pop up from time to time and catch us off guard. It's worth having this terrific collection on hand just for that reason alone! Never be embarrassed to be caught empty handed again. The fast and easy, yet scrumptious and stunning ideas and recipes in this collection will come to your aid everytime - fast and fabulous gifts can be whipped together literally in under 5 minutes, right in your own kitchen. Just pop open the recipe and idea collection, pick a gift idea (recipe), whip it together using the fast and simple instructions, and you'll come off, once again, as the always-prepared, ever gracious gift-giver.

Included in the free gifts in a jar eBook are the hottest, newest, most exciting jar gift ideas that you WILL NOT FIND anywhere else. BRAND NEW IDEAS - its never too soon to stating planning for Christmas!

With the awesome selection and variety of ideas and recipes contained on this site and in the free gifts in a jar ebook, you'll always be able to find just the right gift, no matter what the occasion, who the recipient is, what ingredients you have on hand, or how much or little time you have available to whip a gourmet gift together.

Part of the fun of a jar gift is that it is a participation-oriented gift - in order to enjoy it, the recipient often gets to have the fun of participating in making it. You simply put the ingredients into the jar (you create the "mix), and they do the rest. So not only do they get to enjoy a yummy goodie, they get the satisfaction of feeling like they were a part of preparing it. And you had the fun of putting it together for them.

The Gifts in a Jar Recipe Collection we are giving away here for free includes a wide variety of different types of jar gifts - some require the recipient's participation, and others do not, so you can always match just the right gift to the right person - there is something for everyone!

The free gifts in a jar eBook contains a massive collection of unique and creative gift-in-a jar ideas and recipes for jar gifts of all types: cookies, cakes, pies (remember, most of these require no cooking or baking on your part), soups, muffins, snacking foods and nibblies, desserts - even the four-legged ones on your gift list! Plus there are also several fabulous recipes for cakes and pieces that can be baked right in the jar - people who receive these think they are the coolest gift. Always the subject of much buzz and conversation!

Use the ebook in conjunction with this website.

The terrific thing about many of our gifts in a jar recipes is that you can make them long in advance, at your leisure, and keep them on hand for later on when you need them, so there's no need for rushing about. It really takes the stress out of coming up with gift ideas, and is as convenient as gift-giving gets. Plus, making jar gifts can be a lot of fun for the whole family - get the kids involved and make it a group-effort. The kids will have lots of fun and and will feel a sense of pride for their part in creating terrific gifts for special people. Plus, getting the entire family involved makes the gifts you give all the more special.

Remember to take advantage of the free gifts in a jar ebook offer. You have never seen a collection of jar gift ideas quite like this. It would take you years to try to assemble an enormous collection of Jar Mix recipes of this size, variety and quality. But you can have the entire collection in just minutes via instant download, FREE for a limited time only.

All recipes and instructions on and in the free Gifts in a Jar book (ebook) have been carefully tested, edited, and clearly written for easy understanding. It's even fun to just sit back and read the ideas and recipes - even if you never actually make any of them recipes, because the concepts and ideas are so creative. You'll find yourself saying, "I never would have thought of doing that!" over and over again.

Christmas is coming, and you can create delectable gifts in a jar for all the people on your gift list, starting right now with the help of this website AND the free gifts in a jar ebook you can download here instantly, completely free.

So this year year why not do your Christmas shopping right in your own kitchen! Let this website and the free gifts in a jar ebook we offer make gift giving easy, fun, and inexpensive.

Gifts in a jar, that you make yourself, are gifts that will touch the hearts of those who receive them and make them feel special because you took the time to do it yourself, with them in mind.

And if money is tight, homemade gifts in a jar are the perfect answer to your problem. With our ideas, you'll be able to create stunning specialty gifts, like those sold by fancy gourmet food stores, but with very little cost. You'll get the same fabulous effect, but instead of spending a good chunk of change, you'll spend almost nothing for every gift you give. If you need to save money on gifts this year, don't give "cheap gifts" - give gorgeous homemade gifts in a jar!

Even if money is not a factor, gifts in a jar are a wonderful gift idea because they exude thoughtfulness, care, creativity. People think "speciality item", "gourmet", even "luxurious" when they receive a gift in a jar that is really creative, and really well done - and we'll reveal the ultimate ways to dress up and present your homemade gifts in the Gifts in a Jar Recipe Collection ebook (free download - receive it instantly).

The Gifts in a Jar Recipe Collection is overflowing with creative ideas and recipes for gifts in a jar and jar mixes you can easily make yourself for impressive results. Your recipients will be surprised and delighted by the treats you are able to pack into a jar for them to enjoy at just the right time.

Easy, Delicious Recipes for Men to Cook!

Get hundreds of gifts in a jar recipes, tips, and ideas in our HUGE free gifts in a jar ebook; its yours FREE, no strings attached. Enjoy!

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